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Primary Segment No use of Plastic bags  

"The future is in our hands. Let's hold onto paper bags, not plastic, and protect our planet's precious resources.” “Opt for paper bags, embrace sustainability, and shape a greener future together!” “Every time you choose a paper bag, you're making a statement about your love for the Earth.”

In a remarkable display of compassion and civic responsibility, the students from D.A.V. Public School Sector-37, Faridabad rolled up their sleeves and dedicated themselves to few hours of community service on 7th July,2023.The young individuals, ranging from grade 3 to 5, joined hands to make a positive impact on the community. Under the guidance of  the dedicated Principal Ms. Deepti Jagota and the supportive Supervisory Head Ms. Dimple Bhatia, the students enthusiastically participated in an awareness drive regarding "No use of Plastic bags" Their efforts were fantabulous and within an hour hundreds of Paper bags were ready for the distribution in local markets. These young students have not only made a difference in the lives of those they served but have also laid the foundation for a more compassionate and connected community.

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Class 3: http://dav37.edu.in/b9d7aa55-75d2-4123-8301-7aa4224019fe/Photo/Primary-Segment-Pahal-Club-Class-3

Class 4:http://dav37.edu.in/1e1eb924-a9f8-4abc-95d0-68367abe187e/Photo/Primary-Segment-Pahal-Club-Class-4

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