The School is Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

A Word to Parents  

Holistic development of the child in a free, friendly atmosphere is the common goal of the parents and the school. We seek the co-operation of the parents/guardian in the following matters:

1. Make sure that the child comes to school regularly and in time but not more than 15 minutes earlier than the first bell.

2. Ensure that the child comes to school neatly dressed in proper, well-ironed uniform. She/he must come in school uniform whatever the purpose or duration of the visit may be.Strict action will be taken against students who do not adhere to the uniform norms of the school.

  • Spikes/streaks/fancy hair cut are not permitted.
  • Boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals.
  • Hair cut must be conventional and not follow current trends.
  • Tatoos & extra piercing are not permitted.
  • Girts shoud plait their hair if it is below their shoulders;Short hair should be neatly cut and pinned.

3. Ensure that your child follows the school Time Table and brings the prescribed text books, school diary and notebooks regularly to school.

4. Instruct your child to be careful about her/his belongings. There should be a tag on the bags, blazers and sweaters. She/He should not carry mobile, calculator etc. to school otherwise such articles will be confiscated.

5. Do not encourage your child for half day leave/short leave. If it becomes necessary for you to take the child home during school hours, this may be done with the permission of the Supervisory Head concerned. No student will be allowed to leave the school premises without a written request from your side.

6. In case your ward is sick/ill and suffering from any infectious disease, do not send her/him to school.

7. If your ward has been absent from school,he/she must make up for all the work missed by him/her.

8. To ensure safety and security of your child, do not to supply any kind of eatables (lunch packs) to your child after the school has started.

9. Circulars/Notices sent to you from time to time need to be read thoroughly. Kindly respond to notes and remarks sent by teachers.

10. Encourage your child to participate in the various activities that school offers for her/his personality development.

11. Please avoid meeting the teachers during the school hours as it disturbs the concentration of the whole class.

12. Parents attention is drawn to the fact that the criticism of a teacher or the school, in the presence of a child, causes the child to lose respect for the teachers or school and retards wholesome progress.

13. Scribbling/writing on the walls or furniture is strictly prohibited. Any damage to the school property will invite punishment and recovery of the cost.

14. In case of change of address or telephone number, you need to inform the school authorities immediately.

15. In case you want to withdraw your child from the school, notice should be given before 31st  of March, otherwise dues will be charged till date.

16.  Private tuition unless essential should be discouraged.

17. Focus on spoken English and values at home because good children make good students. 

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