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Road Safety Drive 2022-23  

Road Safety refers to the care and alertness one should follow while using the road. It involves all the rules and regulations regarding pedestrian and vehicle users on the road.Road Safety rules are also one of the etiquettes which we should include in general life.

India accounts for the maximum number of road accidents. Around 1.5 lac people died in 2021 due to road accidents. To spread road safety awareness,D.A.V.Public School, Sector 37, Faridabad under the guidance of its visionary Principal Ms.Deepti Jagota organised a road safety rally in which hundreds of students and teachers took part on 9th December, 2022.

A pledge was taken by  students to follow all  the traffic rules themselves and to make others aware about them.Students carried banners and placards with road safety related messages in the rally conducted in areas near the school premises.In the rally, the students shouted out the slogans about road safety. It was not only about two wheelers but also for the drivers who drive four wheelers. The students spread awareness about ‘No Horn’ not to keep high car lights on highways and more during the rally. They requested two wheeler riders to wear helmets, not to overspeed and follow all traffic rules and four wheeler riders to wear safety belts and to not drink and drive.The motive behind organising the rally was to develop the students as a national power and to make them think about development, in which road safety plays an important role.

It was a successful event under the leadership of the School's Principal Ms.Deepti Jagota.


For Pictures:http://dav37.edu.in/95b5d11d-edc9-4c76-9b27-d8465ac3fef4/Photo/Road-Safety-Awareness-2022-23



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