The School is Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi
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Class VI - VIII  


The House System provides opportunities to students for developing aspects of their growth and learning : personality, morality, creativity, knowledge and skills.

The school is divided into six houses. Each house is headed by House-Warden who is further assisted by a team of teachers. The house co-ordinator coordinates the activities of the six houses. Inter-House Competitions are held to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition, make the students confident and instill a feeling of belongingness amongst students and staff members.

Each house is represented by the colour given to it. Students wear House uniform every Saturday. Prefects and various office bearers are nominated by the House – Warden and her team. Selection to the prestigious positions of the Head Boy, Head Girls, Sports Captains and Head Prefects are finalized by the Principal after a detailed interview.

An Investiture Ceremony is held at the school, during which as oath is taken by the office bearers and their duties are conferred upon them by the Principal. These positions help to give the students a sense of self-discipline, responsibility and dedication.

Note : The student appointees will wear the house uniform when their house is on duty.

                                             D.A.V. PUBLIC SCHOOL, SECTOR-37, FARIDABAD

                                            LIST OF INTER HOUSE COMPETITIONS

                                                                    SESSION – 2021-2022


Patriotic Solo Dance August
Mono Acting October
Yoga : Healthy Mind and Soul November
Cooking without Flames with Nutritional Facts December


                                                                             LIST OF HOUSE WARDENS & TEACHERS

                                                                                             SESSION – 2021-22



Warden: Ms. Ranjana Khanna 

Teachers: 1. Ms. Ritu Rishi

                  2. Ms. Seema Jaswal

                  3. Ms. Kavita Mendiratta

                  4. Ms. Savita Thukral


Warden: Ms. Meenu Kaul

Teachers: 1.Ms. Manisha Aggarwal

                  2. Ms. Manisha Mittal

                 3. Ms. Sarita Rawat

             Himalaya House

Warden: Ms. Uma Chauhan

Teachers: 1. Ms Sheetal Khatri

                  2. Ms. Ritu Umesh

                  3. Ms. Yamini Singh

                     NILGIRI HOUSE

Warden: Mr. Hansdutt

Teachers: 1. Ms. Swati Malik

                  2. Ms. Preeti Chugh

                  3. Ms. Neelam Khanna

                  4. Ms. Rekha Parashar

             SHIVALIK HOUSE

Warden: Ms. Kanika Bhatia

Teachers: 1. Ms. Venu Dixit

                  2. Mr. Aman Singh Shastri

                  3. Ms. Anjali Mittal

                  4. Ms. Bindu George



Warden: Mr.Vasudev Prasad

Teachers: 1. Ms. Laxmi Singh

                  2. Ms. Sumati Malhotra

                  3. Ms. Deepti Kaushal