The School is Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

Chemistry Lab

The hub of budding chemists. The lab is well equipped to provide the best of facilities to

 experiment and infer the results. The Chemistry Lab is one of the most interesting

 area for science students to work and co-relate that life is a collection of chemical elements.






Biology Lab

Biology lab allows the students to observe, understand and percieve various biology concepts. The lab allows the student to gain experience , observe and analyse the experiments in lab.








Physics Lab


The Physics lab helps the students enhance their learning capabilities by doing practicals.The students work independently in lab to widen their horizon Experiments are explained and done ,with care given to intricate details so that it remains imbibed in the young minds.






Maths Lab

Math Lab is a place where a student learns by doing, visualizing, analyzing and calculating. Here, he/she learns the complicated mathematical concepts with fun.



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