The School is Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi
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Music, Dance and Theatre  


“Music is the kind we keep thinking will turn into a tune.”

Someone has rightly quoted these words. Truly, music imbeds our daily life, weaving its beauty and emotions through our activities and memories. D.A.V. Public School, Sector-37, Faridabad wants their students  to be able to reflect a new way of being and a new way of imagining life in the world. In this regard, we give them a very congenial environment to be able to learn the power and rhythm of music in their lives.

Students divide according to their interest in music, dance & theatre.

Highlights  of Music Department :

  • Highly Qualified Music Teachers
  • 7 Fully  AC Music Rooms
  • Dance room with mirrors all over the walls
  • Recording facility available
  • 100 ° band of boys


  • One Yamaha and 6  casio keyboards.
  • Guitars- Rock style including western and classical
  • Sitars
  • Tabla -Indian, classical, light and fusion
  • Harmonium – Classical and light
  • Vocals – Classical, semi-classical, voice modulation, choir singing
  • Drums – Rocks, funk and waltz style
  • Orchestra – Haryanvi and general
  • Marching Band- trumpet, base drum, side drum, bagpiper

The expert music department guides the students through their music experience in related fields and as well as in the folk classical creative, western and bollywood dance forms.

Music is rightly known as “Food for our souls”. It can perk you up when you are feeling down and it can calm you when you are fuming upon something. It acts as a great stress buster. Moreover, everything seem much more rich, much more important and much more luminuous through music.

Performing Arts (Theatre)

Theatre is one of the strongest mediums of expression we have and fact that it is as old as mankind and has manifested itself  countless forms all over the world suggest that it is a wonderful art form.

What are we doing in theatre : Activities done in Theatre

  1. Introduction to theatre : What is theatre ?  Its relevance to life today ?
  2. History of Indian Theatre
  3. History of Japanese and Western Theatre
  4. Parsi theatre
  5. Sanskrit classic theatre
  6. Make an Indian film scene from Parsi, Sanskrit and Arabian Nights or folk theatre story
  7. Reading and analysis of one act play for theme, plot structure and characterization
  8. Exercise for voice and speech
  9. Creating a performing of a story based on student’s own experiences
  10. Students journals and video record of activities.
  11. Dramatic forms and styles – Comedy and tragedy, solo performance, mime, melodrama, musical theatre, ballet and dance, street theatre (Nukkad Natak),folk dance
  12. Theatre Architecture : theory – space and story telling
  13. Mask Making, Makeup, Costume making, Props or stage setting.

Activities done by all the students on day to day theatre basis on current issues.

  1. Save water
  2. Save girl child
  3. Bhrashtachar
  4. Politics
  5. Adolescence
  6. Drugs
  7. HIV
  8. Healthy food or diets
  9. Cleanliness